Every parent wants to give their kids the world and giving them the best Halloween costume is a part of that. This year Target is selling two costumes that incorporate children's wheelchairs in the design.

Target unveiled a line of sensory-friendly children's clothing that featured no tags and flat seams back in 2017. They are now carrying over all inclusive clothing to Halloween. The line of new costumes with their Eek! Boutique will include no tags and flat seams in multiple costumes for 2019.

The retailer will sell pirate and princess costumes for children in wheelchairs.

via Target.com

The pirate costume is created to be sensory-friendly and turns the wheelchair into a pirate ship.

via Target.com

The princess costume is also sensory-friendly and turns the wheelchair into a carriage fit for a princess.

Both costumes are sold as separates, costumes and wheelchair cover sold separately. The pirate costume will sell for $25.00, the princess costume will be $20.00, and the wheelchair covers will sell for $45.00.

The wheelchair adaptive costumes are not the only costumes made as adaptive costumes. Target is also offering two additional costumes that are made for sensory sensitive children, a shark, and a unicorn.


The pirate and princess costumes will be available for kids' sizes, while the shark and unicorn costumes will be available in both kids and toddler sizes.

All four costumes will be available starting August 22nd. Preorders for both wheelchair covers are currently sold out.