Justin Bieber!  Ok buddy, it's time to get your s*&! together.  These crazy things are going to keep happening to you.  And you're not very good at keeping your business private.  You're becoming a joke.  Even this random girl who, whether with or without your knowledge, has gotten close enough to film you while you're sleeping...and it's creepy.


Dear JB,

You think your buddy Scooter Braun could keep a lid on your behavior.  Yes you're a growing man, yes you're sowing your wild oats, and yes you have the right to do so.  But you're a public figure with legions of fans supporting or criticizing your every move.  And your buddy Braun probably could care less.  You're his gravy train.  Heck you're probably getting him more attention from paramour's than he ever got without you.  He enjoys your money, and he probably enjoys what's happening to your image because, as we all know, bad news makes headlines far more than good.

I don't know who this girl is.  I don't know why she seems to be half-naked.  Was she one of the alleged Brazilian brothel girls?  A lucky fan who got invited back to your mansion for a junk food fest and stayed the night?  Were you napping and someone sneaked into your room and filmed you on the sly?  If so, you need to get some better body guards who confiscate phones on site.  It's like watching that scene from Paranormal Activity.

But where's your mentor Usher in all this?  How about your mom?  At what point does this get to the point of you shoving a lawn umbrella into the face of your photographers?  I don't think we're far off.

But thank you.  You make me laugh and SMH at least once a week.

Love ya much, Heather

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