Jolie Talks Ovarian Cancer
Two years ago Angelina Jolie opened up to New York Magazine about her decision to have an elective mastectomy, and taking drastic measures in hopes of preventing ovarian cancer, which claimed her own mother’s life. In a new letter to readers, the actress brings us up to speed regarding her health, and her message for women with similar struggles.
Creepy Girl Films Justin Bieber While He Sleeps [VIDEO]
Justin Bieber!  Ok buddy, it's time to get your s*&! together.  These crazy things are going to keep happening to you.  And you're not very good at keeping your business private.  You're becoming a joke.  Even this random girl who, whether with or without your knowledge, has gotten close enough to film you while you're sleeping...and it's creepy.
Dog Left in Car, Who’s at Fault? [POLL]
Some people are crazy enough to leave their dog in the car on a hot day, and there are some other people that like to resolve the situation even if it's not their dog.  For example, read this letter that was left on a car door and tell me what you think......