As I was riding my bike on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, I begin to notice that I was sneezing irregularly.  I was thinking it was the pollen, and then remembered that it just wasn't that time of year.  Allergies?  Only in the spring time.

Cold season has come back...with a vegence.

I never get sick, ever.  Now, I am typing this to you with a hot cup of apple cider (not spiked) in front of me, and talking to you on SoJO.   Over the weekend, I underestimated my sneezing problem, and now I'm paying the price.   Although no body has found the cure for the common cold, I googled some helpful remedies to bring it down a little.  This is what I found:

Tying Fish Nets around you're ankle. I have no idea how/why this was on the list.  This has done nothing but make me smell bad, but hey, what else is new?


Practice good health habits before hand. I mentioned that I was riding my bike on the A.C. Boardwalk,  this was the first time I did this in over two weeks.  More exercise and less laptop, I'll get around to it.

Soak your head in a bowl of hot water. Look, not only would my face get  burned, but I may sneeze while my face is in the burning hot water, and that could lead to a real snotty issue.

Take plenty of Vitamin C.  This is the only thing on the google list that I found useful.  While there is no cure for the common cold, this certainly avoids it.

Don't shake hands between the months of October and March. I know this sounds crazy, but I remember growing up and listening to Paul Harvey on the radio saying around cough and cold season that we should all replace the handshake with a friendly salute.  It would do wonders to prevent the cold and flu from being transmitted person to person.

If you catch me saluting you instead of shaking your hand please don’t be offended, I am just doing my part.



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