My first week at SoJO has wrapped up and I learned a few things along the way about the people and the station. Some information might be labeled 'dirty laundry', so we'll see how this goes!

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    We All Love The Same Thing

    Want to talk about feeling right at home! Everyone here practically share the same interests as me, such as "Seinfeld", food, and sarcasm. Seriously, it my holy trinity. And of course, SoJO's own Heather DeLuca is the leader of the pack with all of this. We are going to get along famously, and dangerously.

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    Everyone Is So Passionate About Their Work

    I have yet to turn a corner in this building and find one person who is just 'mailing it in.' There is such a positive energy here its contagious. From sales to on-air, to promotions and digital, everyone is on the same page and gives 100% effort. Speaking of digital, Ashley, pictured below, has been nothing but the greatest! Surprised she isn't sick of me yet. If she had a dollar for every time I went to her office she could have an early retirement!

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    Quirkiness Is Encouraged

    I should really say it is more of a requirement. Weird people to the front please! I clearly would start that line and I think a ton of people here would be scattered in said line. I truly love this little island of misfit toys! Special shoutout to the Queen of Quirkiness, Promotions Manager Jen! She welcomed me to the club and feel right at home! Thanks Jen!