Woolwich Township Police Department sure had an eventful day rounding up a pig on the loose over the weekend. Facebook users had a field day coming up with jokes.

In the Facebook post posted Saturday morning, even they had to laugh about it starting off with a joke of their own. Read the post below:


To make it even funnier, the cops lured the pig in using dog treats before returning it to the owner. The post alone garnered almost 700 likes and quite a lot of comments.

Here were my 5 top favorite comments from Facebook users:

  1. "Let me know when you've wrangled an emu"
  2. "Can we get that pig a uniform, and he'll be our new mascot?"
  3. "Ham on the lam"
  4. "Literally bringing home the bacon!"
  5. "The return of Kevin Bacon for those of you who remember" (not a clue but I do like the Kevin Bacon reference)

Ahhh, Facebook comments.

Big kudos to the Wooldwich Township PD for being able to poke fun at themselves! Keep up the good work fellas!

Source: NJ.com


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