Is It More Than Just A Cold?
“Don’t worry it’s just a cold.” How many times have you or someone you know said that? We usually associate sneezing, couching, congestion and several other symptoms with the common cold or allergies, but when does it turn from a cold into …
5 Deep-Freeze Worthy Movies [VIDEO]
It's cold as ice outside today.  Maybe colder.  All the more reason to stay inside and cozy up on the couch.  Here are five of my favorite iciest movies.
1.  The Ice Storm, starring Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci, Tobey Maguire and Kevin Kline (1997)
1973, suburban Connecticut: …
Tips for Safely Braving the Bitter Cold
Another blast of nearly unbearably cold weather has arrived in South Jersey.  Today's highs will barely hit the teens, and with the polar vortex air system, wind chills in many areas will drop below zero.  We urge you to stay indoors, but if you must go out, here are some precautions …
Breaking Down a Polar Vortex
In the past week, the phrase 'polar vortex' has been thrown around a lot.  While it's fun to say, the physical reality of this kind of air mass can be dangerous.  Get ready for your science lesson class, because the polar vortex is arriving.

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