What happened to Brutus?


The Cape May Zoo is looking for was looking for it's African grey parrot, Brutus.  In a strange turn of events, zookeepers were feeding Brutus it's breakfast.  When they returned for lunch, Brutus had disappeared.


Brutus was kept in one of five large steel-mesh cages in the aviary’s foyer, an enclosed room separate from the rest of the aviary where birds freely roam. The cages were kept latched and chained but not locked.  (Press of ACThe Cape May Zoo staff didn't feel that locks were needed, considering if you even put your finger in the cage, you could potentially lose it.


Not only did the zookeepers find Brutus's cage empty,  the door was also latched shut.


Two South Jersey residents spotted the bird walking Dennisville Rd in Middle Township.  Zookeepers say he isn't the most friendliest of pets, so the whoever took him are probably 'licking their wounds' right now.


Nobody knows who those thieves are, but regardless, Brutus is back home safe and sound.