The holidays are just around the corner, and NOW, more than ever, the Atlantic City Rescue Mission needs your help.


What a difference a year makes.  In the past year, four Atlantic City casinos shut down and left thousands without jobs.  While we may not be able to save jobs, we can certainly help those who are currently in need by donating to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.  You can give a lot, or give what you can, but please just give.


Pastor Bill Warner of the A.C. rescue mission added, 'The amount of supplies we need to feed our people, to clothe them and to house them and such is going to increase maybe three or four times.  The mission is in desperate need of donations with the holiday season approaching. One shelf of cereal may be full now, but it will be completely empty in about two to three days, as the mission serves nearly 800 meals a day. We need financial help more than ever. We need more food, more everything. Everything you have in your kitchen and houses, we need for our people," (NBC 40)


I personally will be making a donation to the rescue mission, and I encourage you to do the same.  You can do so by calling 609-345-5517 or click here.


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