It took a while for one South Jersey cancer survivor and military veteran to realize that he was holding on to a lottery ticket worth $100,000!

Imagine you're in possession of a piece of paper worth $100,000 and not even knowing it?


According to New Jersey Lottery, a Jersey Cash 5 player in Camden County, New Jersey seemed to be in no rush to check the tickets he had purchased.

One day, Craig Reynolds was reportedly sitting in his pick-up truck when he decided to scan a few lottery tickets he'd neglected in his console. Astoundingly, he hit pay dirt!

Local Veteran and Cancer Survivor Wins $100,000 Playing New Jersey Lottery

“I scanned the Jersey Cash 5 tickets one by one. Not a winner, not a winner, $2, not a winner, $100,000 jackpot, not a winner... wait what?”

Craig had purchased that ticket from Kwick Mart on Whitehorse Pike in Clementon.

Kwick Mart Clementon NJ
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Reynolds told that he couldn't believe his eyes and even had his wife scan the ticket from HER phone to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Her effort yielded the same result.

Still, Craig wanted to take the ticket to a New Jersey Lottery ticket seller to have it scanned by their system. It was only when his son who works at a liquor store confirmed Craig's ticket was a winner that he finally believed he was a winner.

Craig Reynolds Wins New Jersey Lottery

Reynolds, a former member of the military, had a rough 2023 battling cancer and recovering from a stroke, according to New Jersey Lottery, so $100,000 to put towards taking a relaxing vacation sounds like just what the doctor would order.

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By the way, if you're curious which Jersey Cash 5 drawing made Craig Reynolds a $100,000 winner, it was April 7th. The winning numbers were 8, 13, 18, 27, and 42.

You're gonna go dig around your cars and purses now for unchecked lottery ticket aren't ya? Lol.

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