Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in our world today.  Causes of depression vary.  Medical conditions, recent childbirth, traumatic events, ongoing stress, and a history of childhood anxiety are all factors in diagnosing someone with depression. So what are the symptoms of depression? Psychological symptoms like sadness, guilt and mood swings are some red flags.

There are also physical symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, and sleeping too much or too little. Last, keep an eye out on behavioral symptoms like crying spells, lost of interest in personal appearance, lost of motivation and the most important, thoughts and feelings about suicide. Robin Stoloff, host of “Living Well,” speaks with Jamie Angelini, the Director of Consumer Services of The Mental Health Association of Atlantic County about depression.  “Its extremely important to address symptoms early on. Think about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, we don’t wait until stage four to get help. Same thing with mental health, we need to focus on preventative and early screenings,” says Angelini. Do you identify with any of the symptoms above? If so, try taking the anonymous depression screening test on the Mental Health America web page. It’s always smart to point out these issues early on.  Check out Living Well With Robin Stoloff on Lite Rock 96.9 every Sunday 9-11am.


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