I've gotta be honest. As happy as I am to see another Shake Shack opening in New Jersey today, I'm green with envy that it's still not CLOSER to me!

Just today, a new Shake Shack opened at the Monmouth Service Center off the Garden State Parkway. A little further south would be nice! So, as much as it pains me to write this letter, here it goes.

Dear Shake Shack (and founder Danny Meyer, if you're reading this),

I love you. I may be your biggest fan. I had my first Shake Shack experience in Chicago several years ago, and was instantly hooked. Then, any chance I got while visiting New York, I'd seek you out. I have my go-to order: Single Shack Burger, fries, Salted Caramel Milkshake. DIVINE. Not to mention, I love everything you stand for.

Imagine my enthusiasm when you opened a location in Philadelphia! I live near the South Jersey shore area, so I got all tingly inside knowing you were now just about an HOUR drive away! Totally doable.

But it got BETTER. You set up shop inside Wells Fargo Center in Philly, where I indulged in you THREE TIMES in ONE WEEK during the summer of 2018 while at concerts and sporting events.

And, THEN we broke the news that you were expanding to Marlton. Getting closer and closer to me all the time. I considered it NBD on Valentine's Day to drive from Bridgeton to Cherry Hill in rush hour traffic. Not even 90 minutes of solid break lights could keep my from my one true love: Shake Shack.

Recently, you joined other eateries at Citizens Bank Park where the Phillies play. But how often do I get there? Almost never.

So to that end, I ask this: Why are you ignoring Atlantic City?

Shake Shack, there are MULTIPLE casinos here where you'd clean house! Not to mention three world-renowned boardwalks! I imagine myself chowing on a Shack Burger with Atlantic City's Steel Pier in the background on a warm summer night. Atlantic City also has outdoor outlet shopping! And in my eyes, shopping and Shake Shack go perfectly together! Oh, I also live close to Stockton University in Pomona, and I bet college kids LOVE Shake Shack, just saying.

NO ONE on earth makes a better hamburger. You've invented the BEST french fry in the world (crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and never greasy). You're a cut above and more of South Jersey, including Atlantic City, is ready to give you some love.

I'm really just livid and whiny that you're not closer. I keep wishing and hoping. Monmouth is not far from where I am in Atlantic County. And maybe I should take that as a sign of good things to come, but I'm impatient. I can taste the Shack Burger and it's perfect secret sauce on my tongue as I type this.

Shake Shack is just as famous now as Salt Water Taffy. That's why you and Atlantic City were made for each other.

Just know, if you do eventually build more stores in South Jersey, I'll be first in line, and in line OFTEN. Even if I have to add jogging to my daily routine.


Heather DeLuca

P.S. You could ease some of my heartache by sending me a gift card. Lol. Just kidding. Not really. Yes, really.

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