In some local areas, Acme is already a hotspot when it comes to grocery shopping.  A few grocery stores in South Jersey will be closing it's doors for the last time, and Acme Markets will be re-opening them.


According to Shore News, Acme will be purchasing the Superfresh stores in Ocean City and North Wildwood, as well as the Pathmark in Ventnor Heights.


This means Ocean City will now have two Acme Markets to choose from, one on 34th street and Bay Avenue, and the other on West Ave (the current superfresh location).


The company doesn't know how long the stores will need to close for renovations.  Acme Markets have purchased 76 A&P owned stores in New Jersey, which includes the Superfresh stores in Wildwood and Ocean City.   Acme plans to hire “substantially all of the A&P employees from the 76 stores.”