After an 8-hour shift, it's hard to get yourself to the gym. So, what is one to do? Work out right from your desk!

Seriously, I have done some of these in the studio with Mike staring across from me. It doesn't matter, I need to get fitness in!

In a latest study, sitting is reportedly bad for you whether or not you workout. Prior to this, studies have shown that sitting all day is detrimental to your health and can increase your risk of cancer by 60%.

Why not lower those risks by doing the most we can to stay in shape? Here's a list of five EASY workouts you can do whether at home or from work:

  • 1


    Your chair can also double as equipment! Watch how they do it below:

  • 2


    You're at work, maybe you won't be able to drop down and give me 20. But you can do it from your desk, or chair!

  • 3


    The most fundamental leg workout, and really targets your whole leg if done correctly! Do them from your chair, or as bodyweight, and feel the burn!

  • 4


    This may look easy, but let's see how you feel after holding this for a minute!

  • 5


    Check the clock. If you find you're sitting down after 30 minutes, get your legs moving! Keeping your blood flow circulated to your muscles will keep you healthy!

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