It's so hard to say goodbye to summer.  But the minute I get my first glimpse of candy corn there's no looking back.  I have a few fun, new ways you can enjoy one of fall's signature treats!

--Candy Corn Oreos:  Not only are these cookies festive looking, but the candy corn cream filling is spot on.  No milk dip necessary!

--Candy Corn Coated Caramel Apple Slices:  Slice up a Granny Smith apple, coarsely chop any variety of candy corn (I like the chocolate candy corn for this), use a stove top or microwaveable caramel to coat the slices of apple (or even the ready-to-use caramel dip that comes in the plastic container), then roll them into the candy corn.  Such a sweet midday or after dinner treat!

--Candy Corn Martini:  Mix ice,  equal parts vodka, chocolate-flavored  liqueur,  and chilled pumpkin spice coffee in a shaker.  Finely grind 1/2 cup of candy corn in a food processor and pour onto a round plate.  Use your fingers to rim the martini glass in chocolate syrup and then tap onto the plate with the granulated candy corn, and fill with martini mix!