Wild birds, like Blue Jays, visiting your South Jersey yard this winter? Here's a list of foods that safe to give to them.

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You might already have a lot of these recommended bird foods in your pantry. I get tons of birds in my backyard this time of year. I love seeing them (and so do my cats!). They tweet away and welcome me from our fence top every morning. Squirrels and chipmunks come around quite often, too.

But, some days, I'd be out of nuts or bird food, and I'd just chuck them some stale cereal or granola. Sometimes, I'd even toss out treats my cats didn't fancy. So I did some research and, thanks to the Guardians of Rescue website, I found a bunch of options that will keep my neighborhood birds happy and safely well-fed.

If you love to feed Blue Jays, finches, and, soon, Robins, take a look at some bird food options below!

11 Foods to Feed Wild Birds Flocking to Your SJ Yard

Guardians of Rescue is comprised of members with a wide array of skills and experiences with which to contribute to their common goal of helping animals and people, according to their official website. Read more at guardiansofrescue.org.

So, what do you feed your yard birds? And, what kind of birds come to your South Jersey yard during winter? Let us know in the comment box below!

SOURCES: guardiansofrescue.org

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