This mock graveyard has gone to the birds! Check out this Halloween display in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey fit for a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

The display is the work of Becky M. (on Instagram as firetopred) and her family, and it's the most beautiful graveyard I've ever seen, lol.

The Philadelphia Eagles just went 3-0 after winning in Tampa Bay Monday night.


By the way, how LOUD was that stadium cheering for the Eagles? They were AWAY but it certainly sounded like a home game there were so many Philly fans.

For each of the birds three wins, Becky has erected a tombstone. It's an unfortunate marker for New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, all of whom have fallen to the Eagles so far this season.

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Hopefully, come Sunday, this EHT family's 'losers cemetery' will include a gravestone for the Washington Commanders, and so on!

P.S. Hopefully, Becky won't need to put up a marker for the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce fling. I really want them to last.

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