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“The Playlist” Pays Tribute to the Month of August
This month of August has seen the 50th Anniversary of the loss of Marilyn Monroe, the 35th Anniversary of the passing of "The King", and recent deaths of Hollywood dignitaries.  This week's version of "The Playlist" pays tribute to this month - those we …
“The Playlist” Brings the Sun in Many Forms [VIDEO]
The Sun has been the center of attention this summer - from the searing heat it has been producing, to the longer time with daylight, and the rays you have been trying to soak up.  Where the Sun is, "The Playlist" is bringing it to you just in time for the 100+ degree temps fo…
“The Playlist” Salutes Michael Jackson
Initially this week's version of "The Playlist" was going to be about Summertime, but then yesterday was the reminder of the loss of The King of Pop.  No better way to pay tribute by showing the influence Michael Jackson has had in music.
“The Playlist” Knows It’s Summertime!
The calender says we still have a couple of weeks before we can official begin summer, but everyone embraces Memorial Day weekend as the launch of the season.  "The Playlist" recognizes this as well, bring you songs that embrace "Summer"!
“The Playlist” Brings a Garden In Bloom for May
The saying is that "April showers bring May flowers" - well this spring has seen all kinds of gardens in bloom thanks to the warm weather and the recent stretch of rain that we seemed to not really get in April.  We salute all the garden beauty in this week's version of &…

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