The weekly version of "The Playlist" on Thursday gave you 20 songs with ties to television shows, and for fun you had the chance to figure out what show each corresponding song was tied to.  If you did not view The Playlist, you can click here to play, but the answers are about to be revealed on the other side of here.

The 20 songs from The Playlist on Thursday were either the theme to a show, or tied to a very specific moment of a show, or a part of a TV soundtrack, but all 20 songs were hits in their own rights.  Here come the answers - how many did you get right?  Hopefully you did not use Google and cheat:

Al JarreauMoonlighting /  The title of the show was in the title of the song, making this one the easiest.  "Moonlightling" ran for 5 seasons on ABC (1985-1990), and launched the career of Bruce Willis while resurrecting the career of Cybil Shepherd.

Jeremy JordanRight Kind of Love /  "Beverly Hills 90210" has 3 hit songs off their TV soundtrack from 1993, including songs from Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight.  Jordan became a One-Hit Wonder thanks to the FOX staple of the 90s.

Paula Cole I Don’t Want To Wait /  We were all burned out on this song by the time we hit the new millennium because the song was already one of the most played songs of 1998 (spending 56 weeks on the Billboard Hot-100 singles chart), and the opening theme to "Dawson's Creek" (1998-2003 on the WB).

A3 Woke Up This Morning /  The band's full name is Alabama 3, but became known by their A3 moniker thanks to their song being the opening theme to "The Sopranos" (6 seasons on HBO last decade).

Joey ScarburyBelieve It or Not /  It could be said the song was more successful than the TV show it came from.  "The Greatest American Hero" lasted just 2 seasons on ABC (1981-1983), but the theme song went to #2 for Joey's lone hit of his career.

They Might Be GiantsBoss of Me"Malcolm In The Middle" (2000-206 on FOX).  Hard to believe Malcolm's dad is now a maker of Meth.

Billy Vera and The Beaters – At This Moment /  Alex P. Keaton fell in love with Ellen on "Family Ties", and this song on a key episode in 1985 gave Billy Vera his career moment (and Michael J. Fox his real life wife - Ellen was played by Tracy Pollan who is Mrs. Fox for the last 24 years)

Remy ZeroSave Me /  Before Superman would grow up, there was his story on "Smallville" which lasted an impressive 10 seasons and 217 episodes for the WB.  Remy Zero had the theme song, and lead singer Cinjun Tate had Alyssa Milano as his wife (for a year in 1999).

JourneyDon’t Stop Believing /  This song launched the "Glee" phenomenon on FOX, and Journey found themselves relevant again as theri song eclipsed the 5 Million mark for single download.

Gavin DeGraw I Don’t Want to Be /  The opening theme to "One Tree Hill" gave DeGraw a leg up with over 2 Million single downloads sold, and the show just finished its 9th and final season on the CW (formerly WB).

Letters to Cleo – Here and Now"Melrose Place" released a soundtrack in 1995 that gave this Boston band their One-Hit.  Melrose tried a reboot a couple of years ago and failed, while Letters To Cleo recently played out for the 1st time in years (their return will do much better that Melrose).

Miley Cyrus He Could Be The One "Hanna Montana" is Miley's alter ego on Disney between 2006-2011, and this was Hanna's biggest hit from the show.

Elvis Presley / JXL A Little Less Conversation /  The song found its way onto the movie Oceans 11, became a worldwide smash, but became most known in America as the opening theme to "Las Vegas" on NBC (2003-2008) with James Caan and Josh Duhamel.

Gary Portnoy Where Everybody Knows Your Name /  Have a seat at the bar with Norm, Cliff, and Sam your bartender (with a little help from Woody), plus Carla and Diane serving you on "Cheers" (11 seasons and 271 episodes for NBC between 1982-1993).

BoDeans Closer To Free /  Theme song for "Party Of 5" on FOX (1994-2000).  Matthew Fox seems to be the big star to come off of that show (He graduated to "Lost" on ABC for 6 seasons).

Glen Frey You Belong to the City /  He was a guest star on "Miami Vice" in an episode called Smuggler's Blues (named after his hit song), and this song made it to the TV soundtrack.

Vonda Shepard Searching My Soul /  She sang the theme and was a part of the cast to "Ally McBeal" on FOX (1997-2002).

Red Hot Chili Peppers Love Rollercoaster /  The MTV cartoon "Beavis and Butthead" produced a movie that the Peppers put this cover in (1996).

Jamie WaltersHow Do You Talk to An Angel /  The show was "The Heights" on FOX, the band was of the same name on the show that lasted jus 12 episodes in 1992.  Walters was lead singer Alex O'Brien of this fictional band that was a #1 smash.

The FrayHow to Save a Life /  58 weeks on the Billboard Hot-100 Singles chart thanks to the help of the TV soundtrack to "Gray's Anatomy" on ABC.