So Heather DeLuca created a Playlist for National Running Day, but I am the creator of the weekly version of "The Playlist", so I believe the challenge is on.  Guess where we are going this week - but we do this by the rules of "The Playlist".

If you have never seen The Playlist, the challenge every week for me is to tie 20 songs around a specific theme, and the theme pops up somewhere in the song somehow.  The songs can come from anywhere so long there were some sort of hit, and we try not to date ourselves too much but some weeks are unavoidable.

So the theme is Running, and Heather has created a grid for "Warm-Up", "Jog", "Run", and "Cool Down".  I have 20 songs that fit this grid and the theme.

You will see that this version of The Playlist is born to run, will go the distance, and find ourselves finishing an 8 mile journey - are your ready?  Let's start with our Warmup:

Bon Jovi -- Runaway (that's what we are going to do, and we start with some Jersey guys)

Lady Antebellum -- I Run To You (good stretch here as we are just getting started)

Collective Soul -- Run ("I have a long way to run", and we are ready to Jog)

Bryan Adams -- Run To You (feel the Heart pumping)

Heart -- Who Will You Run To (building up some momentum)

Republica -- Ready To Go (I think we are ready to Run)

Chris Brown -- Run It (pace is quickening)

Lenny Kravitz -- Always On The Run (hitting your stride)

Real McCoy -- Runaway (you are running away now!)

Maroon 5 -- Harder To Breathe (feeling your breathing getting heavier)

Salt N' Pepa -- Push It (now you have to push yourself)

Survivor -- Eye Of The Tiger (imagine Rocky in the greatest running scene in movie history!)

Eminem -- Lose Yourself (which is what you should be doing in this 8 Mile jaunt)

Bruce Springsteen -- Born To Run (The Boss says yes you are!)

Cake -- The Distance (you made it, so now we Cool Down)

Run-DMC/Aerosmith --Walk This Way (feel the burn from the Run as you Walk)

Matchbox 20 -- How Far We've Come (look back and see what you accomplished)

U2 -- Walk On (breathe it in!)

Gym Class Heroes -- A** Back Home (stealing this one from Heather because you are done, and you can get back in your house and down some sports drink)

Give us your Running playlist by clicking here, and look at Heather's list.  I'll stand by mine!