The Sun has been the center of attention this summer - from the searing heat it has been producing, to the longer time with daylight, and the rays you have been trying to soak up.  Where the Sun is, "The Playlist" is bringing it to you just in time for the 100+ degree temps for the weekend.

I know we did a version of The Playlist a few weeks ago around Summertime, then came one targeting the Heat - feel free to check those out and notice there will be no repeats from either.  The target is the sun, and you would not think that 20 more songs could be found to hit this bulls-eye.

I will say that it is not the easiest thing, and I made sure that The Brady Bunch wound bring a "Sunshine Day" to this mess.

The liberties on the Sun version of The Playlist will have some Sunshine, some shade from the Sun, and a 24-hour cycle from Sunrise to Sunset.  The Sun becomes imperative to your "Summer Vacation", which is a perfect spot to start this week's version of The Playlist:

The Go-Go's -- Vacation (you need The Sun to make this successful_

Weezer -- Island In The Sun (a vacation on LBI or Ocean City maybe?)

Duran Duran -- Sunrise (the day begins)

Natasha Bedingfield -- Pocket Full of Sunshine (we have had more than a pocketful so far this summer)

Sheryl Crow -- Soak Up The Sun (a little tanning, but you may need SPF 100 to survive the 100+ degree heat coming back)

John Mellencamp -- Under The Boardwalk ("when the sun beats down" at your favorite Boardwalk on the Jersey Shore)

3 Doors Down -- Away From The Sun (trying to find shade from the heat?)

Nirvana -- All Apologies ("In The Sun, In The Sun" we are feeling the 98 Degree temperatures)

98 Degrees -- Because Of You (see what I mean, plus the song mentions Sunshine)

Len -- Steal My Sunshine (now wouldn't that be rude?)

Shawn Colvin -- Sunny Came Home (a stretch but the Sun is there)

George Michael / Elton John -- Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (#1 in 5 countries in 1991)

Soundgarden -- Black Hole Sun (it will wash away the rain, but aren't we in drought conditions this summer?)

Tiffany -- All This Time ("The sun still shines ....... The heat forgives" ............ Really?)

Violent Femmes -- Blister In The Sun (this song has aged well, becoming more popular with time)

Fuel -- Shimmer (from their 1998 CD "Sunburn")

Kenny Chesney / Uncle Kracker -- tWhen The Sun Goes Down (he fun continues in Summertime)

Corey Hart -- Sunglasses At Night (well you had them on all day, so why not!)

Eric Clapton -- Sunshine of Your Love (check out this acoustic find of Eric's classic song from only a couple of years ago, with over 1 Million views on YouTube)

Enjoy the sun while it's shining, but remember to be careful this weekend with the crazy temps.