The recent stretch of hot days has gotten the best of us, and at times it seems that cooling down can be almost impossible, so this week "The Playlist" is serving a generous helping of juicy Fruit to try and beat the heat a little bit.

This cocktail of fruit will be more refreshing than the stuff in the can you'll find in the store, and sound way better (that's because those cans cannot sing).

In an effort not to sound dated, Chuck Berry along with Peaches & Herb will not be found on The Playlist, but it gives you an idea where we may go.  We will serve up some apples, cherries, bananas, a variety of berries, and with some melon and an orange.  Some of this fruit will go great with a slice of cake, or some ice cream - we will take a liberty (like we do sometimes) to mix this into The Playlist:

The Presidents of the USA -- Peaches (they prefer the ones in a can, which I do not get)

Fiona Apple -- Criminal (her one hit was 15 years ago, when she was 19)

Bananarama -- I Heard A Rumor (the rumor is there is another banana in this set)

Neneh Cherry -- Buffalo Stance (6 cherries in this cocktail)

John Mellencamp -- Cherry Bomb (I was not kidding!)

Prince -- Raspberry Beret (the King of Purple likes the red fruit)

REM -- Orange Crush (still love that soda!)

Blind Melon -- No Rain (Shannon Hoon died too soon)

Buckcherry -- Sorry (Top-10 in 2007)

Lemonheads -- Into Your Arms (I know you are thinking of the candy here)

Gwen Stefani -- Hollaback Girl (spell it out, it's B-A-N-A-N-A-S)

Warrent -- Cherry Pie (we need to have this pie a la mode)

Sarah McLachlan -- Ice Cream (some Cherry Vanilla perhaps?)

Flo Rida -- Low (the apple stands out here!)

Savage Garden -- I Want You (remember when it was nicknamed the "Cherry Cola Song"?)

Cake -- The Distance (add this cake to the fruit and you have fruitcake?)

K.T. Tunstall -- Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (whole bunch of cherries here!)

Cherry Poppin' Daddies -- Zoot Suit Riot (this swing song made the Top-30 in 1997)

The Cranberries -- Dreams (they released their first new CD in 11 years back in Feb., and we did not hear anything?!?!)

Eagle Eye Cherry -- Save Tonight (Neneh's brother closes The Playlist)