Avocados is a great source of healthy fat, and is the heart and soul of guacamole. But, we have all been throwing away the best part of this superfood.

We've all done it. We open up an avocado, carve out the nut (the seed) and throw it away. Well apparently, the seed contains a lot of nutrients that we aren't utilizing! According to One Green Planet, the seed has 70% of the avocado's antioxidants similar to green tea, and packaged with healthy oils that are great for your skin helping to reduce wrinkles.

So how exactly are you supposed to eat the seed? Because it is solid like a rock. Well, if you manage to cut the seed into quarters and grind it into a powder using a food processor you can throw it in your morning smoothie.

Just remember it's a little bitter, so mix it with some juicy fruits and vegetables!