One of 2020's most popular Halloween costumes is very, well, 2020.

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With the presidential election just weeks away, and all the drama and controversy surrounding the voting process, it's no surprise that going out on Halloween dressed as a mail-in ballot has become one of the most relevant costume choices.

The online Halloween costume site is offering one that looks exactly like a mail-in voting ballot, fashioned out of a strapless, white mini-dress and embellished with actual ballot markings. The costume also comes with fishnet stockings.

Of course, what's a mail-in ballot without a postal worker to deliver it? Your BFF can go dressed as's sexy mail carrier, featuring the trademark blue button-up shirt (cropped in the case, of course) and navy blue hot pants shorts.

Both the 'Mail In Ballot' and 'Postal Babe' costumes retail on for $29.95, reports Fox News. You can see what both costumes look like at

I'm really surprised that this company hasn't also introduced a coronavirus costume, but, according to Fox News, didn't want to go TOO far.

I'm thinking if you just got a couple pieces of foam core poster board you could easily recreate the mail-in ballot costume for a couple bucks. All it would take is some markers. And, I bet you could find a super inexpensive blue dress shirt and just tie it at the ribcage and throw on a pair of navy blue leggings to recreate the USPS look. I mean, it's 2020. We gotta save some money, right?

Are you throwing or going to a Halloween party this year? Let us know in the comment box below.


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