A public library in Washington Township is lending out more than just library books!

At the Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library, children will now be able to borrow American Girl dolls to it's patrons, NJ.com reports.

Now imagine my excitement to read this news since I literally have been obsessed with these dolls since I was little. These dolls were always the perfect companion when I was out with my parents doing something I didn't want to do...like food shopping.

So, why is the Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library lending out American Girl dolls? According to NJ.com, they hope it encourages children to study the time period each doll lived in, and learn more about their cultures.

Library cardholders can expect to see dolls like Samantha, Josefina and Addy each coming with a bed, a book and accessories! And just like any library book, you can borrow a doll for one week.

Really cool way to encourage young kids to read and learn! I love this idea!


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