Making the rounds (work parties, happy hours, family gatherings) has left me feeling bloated and sluggish. All the cookies, carbs, and cocktails have taken their toll. If you feel the same, here are a few tips to undo the holiday binge.

Nothing I suggest here has anything to do with cleansing or fasting. Just a few ideas I use to help put me back on the right track to feeling less full.

How do you recover from a holiday hangover? Let us know in the comment box below!



  • Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock
    Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock

    Drink Water

    Most experts suggest drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. I find doing that the day after I've eaten or drank too much helps eliminate fogginess and re-hydrate me, especially since so much of what I eat over the holidays is packed with sodium. I love using the app Waterlogged to track my H2O intake.

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    Eat Oatmeal

    The fiber in oatmeal kinds of gets things moving, if you catch my drift. Plus, oatmeal tends to digest slower, which keeps me feeling fuller longer.

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    Take a Hot Bath

    I recommend hanging out in some hot water, with some epsom salt if you can. The magnesium in the bath salt might help to draw some toxins out. I love this on mornings when a little bit of a hangover is setting in.

  • Andres Rodriguez/Thinkstock
    Andres Rodriguez/Thinkstock


    Stretching gets the blood moving without being too intense. So, if you're not feeling up for a full workout at the gym, try some standing and sitting twisting moves (think of a baseball or football player). I think to do this to combat muscle fatigue.

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    Make a Few Clean Meals

    I love a bowl of cucumber and celery mixed with just a bit of olive oil and vinegar, or a serving of watermelon. Both are super hydrating because of their high water content. Boneless chicken or salmon also make for a clean yet filling meal.

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