A woman is sentenced to 12 years in prison after killing her boyfriend, and is apparently still in love with him.

Yeah, sure.

NJ.com reports, Tynesha M. Lewis killed her boyfriend, 27-year-old Brandon Spence with a steak-knife following an argument over a cellphone in their Salem City Apartment.

Oh, and on Palm Sunday no less.

According to reports, Lewis stabbed him in the back as he left the apartment, and when he turned around, she stabbed him once more in the chest.

Spence reportedly went out to the sidewalk with a trail of blood behind him, as a passer-by stopped to help him. He was immediately taken to The Memorial Hospital of Salem County where he unfortunately died.

Lewis, in a note read to the court, says, "I never meant for any of this to happen, (sic) I am still in love with him."

Now, she faces 12 years in state prison despite prosecutors asking for 30 years.


NJ.com says, Lewis will be eligible for parole once she serves 85 percent of her sentence.

Read the full story on NJ.com.

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