I cannot take credit for this idea. My unhealthy obsession with Dr. Pepper has brought me face to face with a brilliant idea. I should say face to screen, since I saw this on Instagram.

Once I saw this I immediately thought to myself, "Okay brain, let's come up with something like this." Now here we are, with the 5 South Jersey Love Languages. Side note, some will say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach; for me the way to my heart is through Dr. Pepper.

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  • 1

    Acts of Service

    "Hey I'm going to Wawa, do you want anything?"

    "Let me make you a pork roll, egg, and cheese."

    "Let me rub sunblock on your back."

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  • 2

    Quality Time

    "Do you want to go to the beach with me?"

    "Do you want to go to Wawa?"

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  • 3

    Words of Affirmation

    "I love the way you eat that pork roll." (Pun intended.)

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  • 4


    "I bought you a hoagie/sub."

    "I made you a pork roll, egg, and cheese."

    "I got you bug repellent."


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  • 5

    Physical Touch

    Rubbing sunblock on your back.

    Scratching your mosquito bites.

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