A native of Williamstown, New Jersey can now add a new title to his name: Jeopardy! Champion.

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The past few evenings, I've been living vicariously through Kevin Walsh. He's a story analyst out on the West Coast, working in the entertainment industry. Very cool. But he's also winning big on my all-time favorite quiz show, Jeopardy!.


Kevin, who hails from Williamstown, first appeared on Jeopardy! last Thursday night (Season 37, Ep. 19 if you want to look it up). He used his smarts to master Final Jeopardy!, becoming the new champion and racking up more than $15,000 in winnings.

On Friday night, the graduate of USC Film School became a 2-day champion, increasing his winnings to over $42,000.

Now, I record Jeopardy! every night, because I'm not always home to catch it when it airs live, so I'm a bit behind. I don't know if Kevin won again Monday night or Tuesday night. I have to catch up tonight. But he seems to be blowing his opponents away. Kevin's pretty calm under pressure, and he's not one of those neurotic buzzer-clickers, lol, so my money's on him. It would be pretty cool if he keeps his winning streak going. Go, Kevin!

Gosh, I wish I was smart enough to compete on Jeopardy! But I have fun playing at home. It's a nightly ritual for me.

Are you a game show fan? What's your favorite? Let me know in the comment box below!

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