It's that time of the year where everything comes to a close. You take a seat and evaluate what you want to accomplish in the new year. But, why not start earlier?

Every single year, I give myself perhaps two resolutions that are always the same: to lose weight and be on time. Now ask me which of these I have accomplished. If you said, neither then you're absolutely right.

I am still the same weight, still always late, and still following the same habits that I did the year before. You've probably read so many articles on the proper way to follow out your resolutions. Perhaps you should keep them small, or limit yourself to one resolution.

While both are very lovely ideas, I would like to add one more: start early.

Think about it, if you start an entire month (go crazy and feel free to start earlier than that) there's less pressure on that haunting date of January 1st. January 1st feels like that starting line, which can be exhilarating to some...but to others, it can cause anxiety. As a result, you may start to have that "I'll start tomorrow" approach.

Yet, if you start December 1st you're not held by any promises. You can think of it as a trial period so that you're ready for January 1st. It's not as big a deal if you skip one day at a gym, OR are 10 minutes late. You're preparing yourself for when it's time to get serious.

Also, always keep in mind that January 1st doesn't always have to be the day to change your habits. Resolutions can happen anytime during the year.

Stay positive, and get busy - 2018 is around the corner.

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