Some people dread the first snowstorm of the year, while others can't wait for it. So, who gets what they want in New Jersey this weekend?

Rumblings during and just after New Year's Weekend indicated the tri-state area might be in line for a major storm, including significant snowfall.


The weather system, however, has fallen apart pretty much every day since.

And while as of 48 hours ago New Jersey was predicted to get a little bit of the white stuff, it's not going to happen.

Sorry to burst your bubble, snow bunnies, but it appears the majority of the Garden State is going to receive rain, and a good bit of it.

However, from Trenton and heading further north, snow accumulations could be anywhere from an inch to six inches.

Accuweather Weekend Snow Predictions

According to 6abc's Accuweather, points north and west of Philadelphia, namely the Pocono Mountains, will be enjoying between 3-6 inches (or more) of snow. The genuine snowfall is much needed for the ski resorts that have been dumping powder on the trails thus far.

As for that rain/snow mix, it's due to occur between 11a and 3p Saturday, reports.

Snow Timeline for NJ, PA, and DE

And what is South Jersey and the Jersey Shore left with?

Snow Predictions by Region
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Just a SUPER SOGGY start to the weekend with 3/4" to 1.5" of rain expected to fall. So break out the umbrella, slickers, and the rest of your rain gear. You're gonna need it.


Better luck next snow.

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