If you are from New Jersey, you know about the "golden ticket" that is the liquor license, and how expensive and difficult it is to get one.

So, why is it so hard to get a liquor license in New Jersey?

People say that liquor licenses in New Jersey are some of the most restrictive and expensive in the country - imagine that!

Turns out, it goes back to a law from the 1940s, that allows the number of liquor licenses based on population. A town may allow one license per 3000 people for a bar or restaurant, and one license per 7500 people for a retail store.

Some business owners have spent up to $1 million for a liquor license, which can be bought and sold privately.

That law may soon change, making it easier, and more affordable for a business owner to obtain a liquor license, and making booze more available to you and me!

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