Most of us from Jersey are familiar with the terms Bennys and Shoobies.  Bennys are visitors to the shore from Long Beach Island and north, while Shoobies are visitors to the shore south of Long Beach Island.

It's an unflattering term that seems to be used more than ever.  There are even Facebook pages devoted to the outing of Shoobies/Bennys and a constant flow of complaints about them.

Having grown up in New Jersey, and a resident of the shore community for many years, I don't ever recall the level of venom that I see when the term is brought up.  Where does this anger come from?  Is it justified?


Those who take umbrage with the term, will point out that many businesses along the Jersey Shore survive almost entirely on the income the visitors bring to the community.  They claim that without visitors, there would be no Jersey shore to speak of.

One complaint heard often, particularly since Superstorm Sandy is that people are negatively impacting the "charm" of many of these communities, by developing property and putting up massive homes, hotels, and other buildings.  Many point to LBI as an example of over-development.

However, many of the so-called Shoobies and Bennys, will point to the families who sold them the properties, many at very large profits.   As one such person told me, "They didn't seem to care about development when they accepted my check."

Who is right and who is wrong?  One year-round resident told me,

Look, we understand why people come here.  It's beautiful.  All we ask for is some respect.  Clean up after yourselves.  Don't take up half the beach with your tents and follow the rules.

Another told me,

I work in a restaurant, and it seems like people think that because they're on vacation, that entitles them to be disrespectful.  What if that was your kid waiting tables?

Someone else chimed in,

It's amazing how Shoobies think the rules apply to everyone but themselves.  Look at how people park, look at the garbage on the beach, and look how they treat summer workers.  It's disgusting.

Conversely, Paul, a visitor from Langhorne told me,

Look, there's no excuse for rudeness, but it seems pretty rich for someone from New Jersey to complain about rudeness.  I have a feeling that many who complain about outsiders, don't live down here full time.  I've never had a problem, finding someone to take my money when I''m here.

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