Gov. Chris Christies wife was reportedly given a ticket for distracted driving, all part of a statewide crackdown administered by her husband's attorney general.


According to Philly Daily News, Mary Pat Christie was pulled over back on April 10 up in Bernardsville, NJ for having her phone in hand while driving. For those of you unaware, NJ is very serious about decreasing the amount of distracted driving in the state.

When one of the police officers on duty to spot distracted drivers pulled her over, he had no idea who she was. Apparently, she didn't identify herself either to get herself out of the ticket.

She did however inform the officer that she wasn't using her phone, but since it was in her hand she was issued a $250 fine.

Am I the only one happy she didn't try to pull the 'do you know who my husband is?' excuse?

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