New Jersey Governor-Elect Phil Murphy had some fun taking pictures with a cardboard cut-out of Gov. Chris Christie. And people are having some mixed reactions.

The picture was taken Thursday night in Glen Ridge during New Jersey Working Families Alliance Gala, who was responsible for putting up the prop:

While the photo seems to be taken in good humor, others didn't find it too funny. Murphy tells, he was near the cutout and 'couldn't resist,' which honestly I probably couldn't either.

The cardboard cut-out was from Fourth of July weekend when Gov. Chris Christie was out relaxing on his beach during a government shutdown of public beaches. Ah, memories.

Nonetheless, some felt the action was unbecoming of the Gov-Elect who is getting ready to succeed Gov. Christie, January 16. Former Press Secretary Carl Golden went on to call the action a 'remarkable lapse in judgment' and 'pretty tacky.'

Here's what people are saying on social media:

The action seems to be all in good fun, and a way to troll the former Governor. Are people taking this too seriously, or should Phil Murphy take his position more seriously?

Tell me your thoughts below!

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