New Jersey is taking a new approach in tackling distracted driving, but is it the right approach? 

As of Thursday, drivers on New Jersey state highways can dial #77 to report distracted driving. If you're unaware what constitutes as distracted driving, it's pretty self-explanatory: if your eyes aren't focused on the road - it's considered distracted driving.

Now this number, #77,' was previously used to report aggressive driving. After the 8% increase in traffic fatalities due to distracted driving, the state decided to take extra steps to make the roads safer for us.

Drivers are expected to describe the make, model, color and license plate number to police (if possible). Wait - so report distracted driving while you're driving...i.e. also distracted driving?

No, no drivers are encouraged to pull over, use hands-free calling, or ask someone in the car. But, in reality how many drivers will actually do this just to report distracted driving?

Next, is what happens to the accused distracted driver. Local police will receive the report and locate the driver. If police witnesses the behavior, a summons is issued...OK, so what if they don't? Well, if a license plate is issued then that person gets a letter in the mail to "deter" them from future offenses.

It all sounds good in theory, but I cannot help questioning how effective this will be. Distracted driving is a really serious issue, any steps towards combating it are great. Still, do you think drivers will partake, and do so the right way?

Let me know your thoughts!

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