Round of applause to this New Jersey law banning pet owners from leaving animals outside in severe weather conditions.

As a new cat mom, and long-time dog mom, I believe this law is long overdue. According to, New Jersey has recently passed a law prohibiting animals from being outside in extremely hot or cold temperatures.

This law comes about after the heartbreaking death of a dog named Joe, who died after being left outside in freezing temperatures. Additionally, there was another case in Atlantic County which resulted in two dogs freezing to being a puppy.

Senator Jeff Van Drew tells the Cape May Herald, that while pet owners love and treat their pets well, there's still a high amount of animal cruelty cases each year. Hopefully, with this new law it could decrease those heartbreaking cases.

With this ban, owners who leave their pets outside for more than 30 minutes in extremely hot (92 degrees and above) or cold (-32 and below), they'll face fines of $100-$200 per incident. If the problem persists, the animal will become custody of local government or humane societies.

Once again, round of applause to New Jersey for signing this into law. We must protect those who cannot speak for themselves!

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