A Linwood, New Jersey man who admitted being responsible for the death of his Pitbull puppy will spend time behind bars for his crime.

The horrific incident took place in December of 2020, according to Daily Voice.

24-year-old Kyle Blythe reportedly beat his Pitbull puppy Dolce after it did what some puppies do, it chewed through some of his clothing.

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Blythe became angry, and took that anger out on the dog, Daily Voice reports and was eventually arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

It's not clear who took the puppy there, but the dog ended up at Absecon Veterinary Hospital and "was treated for severe head trauma and presented with numerous signs of blunt force trauma to her head and body, the prosecutor said."

The puppy suffered severe brain injuries and died at the hospital.

In what many animal lovers and people who treat their pets properly may call "justice," was sentenced to spend one day shy of a year behind bars after he plead guilty to beating the Pitbull to death.

Blythe will serve his time in Atlantic County Jail.

He will also serve time on probation (potentially the requested maximum penalty of five years), and will never be able to own a pet in the state of New Jersey ever again.

Hopefully, authorities will make regular checks to the man's home once he's out of jail to make sure that stays the case. Here's to also hoping New Jersey eventually passes tougher laws that require stiffer penalties for crimes against animals.

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