After coming home to South Jersey after a Thanksgiving break in Virginia, I was greeted with Christmas lights and a Frosty The Snow-Man greeting.  I felt happy to be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner, but then this got me thinking, was it too early to see good ol' Frosty wishing me Happy Holidays?  Sure, Christmas lights are always a sight to watch, but I've noticed that they have been put up earlier and earlier every year.  Even around Halloween, I saw Christmas lights brighten up a hand-ful of houses in Mays Landing.  (Sorry Mays Landing, but I had to say something here)  To me, this is just wrong.  There is a season for everything, and Christmas has it's own season.

But then again, there is nothing more exciting to see Christmas in South Jersey.  Like most things we get excited about, we want it-and we want it now.  So, that being said, I can understand the excitement and adrenaline rush one would get setting up the decorations, no matter what time of year it is.
Now that I have covered both point of views here, when is it too early to put Christmas decorations up in South Jersey?