Breaking News: Father's Day is this Sunday.  I know it just occurred to you, just like every year.

Before you do any last minute shopping, bear in mind the following things that you probably shouldn't give 'Dear old Dad'.


According to Yahoo!, here are a few things that you don't give Dad on Father's Day:

Don't get him what you want him to have... get him what he would like--Stay clear from the thought of "He really needs a pair of jeans, or a nice shirt."  It's HIS day, if he wants a new pair of jeans, THEN you buy them.


Gag gifts--Although you may have/had the best intentions to be funny, you have to ask yourself "what use will Dad have for that talking beer can?"  Remember, just get what he wants.


A new tie-- This is the typical gift to give Dad.  Sometimes, he may ask for one, but be careful, the tie idea can still be quite boring.


It may be challenging to get Dad the 'perfect gift' for Father's Day.  The truth is, the best gift you can give him is simply spending time with him.  The solution to a wonderful Father's Day gift may be taking him to a ball game or have dinner/drinks with him.


Just make sure Mom isn't still upset at you for giving her that Weed Eater on Mother's Day, just saying.

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