Mother's Day and Father's Day are NOT on the same playing field.

If the Mother's Day episode of ABC's 'The Middle' taught me anything, it's that moms always get the worse end of the stick for their holiday compared to dads. For Mother's Day, moms always get gifts they don't necessarily want or can't use, meanwhile, mom is making sure dad has the best Father's Day ever.

Is this true for every single parenting unit out there? Of course not. However, there is definitely some truth to this stereotype. No offense dads, but you really do tend to wait until the last minute for things that mom would've had handled well in advance - this includes Father's Day gifts.

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Father's Day 2021 is right around the corner; Sunday, June 20th, to be exact. Don't worry, dads, no doubt mom already has your celebration completely planned out. You'll get to enjoy your special day.

In fact, a new study shows that New Jersey dads have it made compared to a bunch of other places in the country. New Jersey made it into the list of top 5 places to be a working dad. If you're a dad who works full time in the Garden State, congratulations! According to a recent survey, your workplace is a lot more likely to work with your schedule and offer a decent work-life balance compared to other states. Also, you're responsibilities as a father aren't seen to impact your productivity.

Moms aren't necessarily so lucky. First of all, moms are on constant overload these days more than ever before since over 60% of moms are also in the full-time workforce compared to sixty years ago. Working and being a mother isn't as easy to pull off as it is for dads here in New Jersey. Will that scales ever even out? Who knows.

Dads, just know how good you have it here in the Garden State and enjoy your holiday this Sunday.


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