We are less than a week away from Father's Day and you are, like me and most other people, procrastinating until the last minute to get your old man a gift. It's in our nature.

This time though I am here to help you (and me) out by not falling into the same trap every year when it comes to gifts. Let me help you out by running down the top clichéd Father's Day gifts you need to avoid.

Now sure, maybe your dad actually likes some of these presents, but they're so clichéd and expected. I think we should try to think outside the box this year, as we go through the list of goodies you might want to avoid this year.


  • videodet/Thinkstock

    ANY Collared Shirt

    Whether it's plain or has some sort of print on it, this is a no-brainer and has to be on the list. And I don't know about you but my father has enough Hawaiian shirts, some of which he still has the tags on them.

    I know I'm not the only one.

  • Mario Ragma Jr./Thinkstock
    Mario Ragma Jr./Thinkstock


    This is another easy go-to. I can't begin to tell you how many bottles of cologne I've bought for my father in the last 20+ years. Nothing like telling your pop that they smell so here's a bottle of this fragrance that covers your hideous odor!

  • Scott Lewis/Thinkstock
    Scott Lewis/Thinkstock

    Golf Stuff

    Now I never had to get my father any golf-related things because he hasn't golfed in over 30 years due to his back. But I know friends who tell me that their dad goes nuts over new gloves, or golf balls and clubs.

    This is one of the pricier items that people with dads who love to swing a metal stick go buy, but aren't the golf clubs already overfilled with fathers who just want to escape from their family for one day out of the week?

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    Shaving Kit

    This also falls into the irony category.

    "Hey dad, you look like a caveman all the time, so here's a sharp blade and some foam to clean up the Santa beard and chest hair that sticks out of your shirt!"

    And also other supplies like brushes, oils, straight edge blades, shaving cream, and aftershave is clichéd.

    Like I said, think outside the box!

  • Jon Helgason/Thinkstock
    Jon Helgason/Thinkstock

    Neck Ties

    The biggest offender of them all, the tie. Every father has tons and tons of ties to choose from, so why is that we all must get them yet another tie to make the decision more difficult?

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