New Year's Eve brings a good excuse to party a little harder than usual. But, then the morning comes, and the pounding headache starts. Here's what NOT to drink to avoid the dreaded hangover.

Steer clear of tequila, vodka, and red wine, and never fear!

Sip some bubbly instead! Drinking a glass of champagne is not only festive, it can improve your memory, according to a recent study by the medial research journal Antioxidants and Redox Signaling. Just be careful with that cork! They can fly out of a bottle at up to 60 mph!

One good reason to not drink too much of anything at all? Centers for Disease Control says heavy drinking causes you to put on weight, lessens your mental focus, and makes you more likely to get cancer. It also boosts your odds of injury by accident or  violence.

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