Paige Aiello, the 22-year old The College of New Jersey student who went missing on April 9 has been found.  Sadly, though, her story does not have a happy ending.

According to Townsquare News Network, the Aiello family released a statement today that Paige is dead.  Her body was recovered alongside the Hudson River in Manhattan today.  Her sister Erin Aiello says:

It is with a heavy heart that we report to you that the body recovered yesterday is that of Paige. We want to thank each and every one of you for never gaving up hope and continuing to help try and find Paige. At this time, we ask for your continued prayers and support for Paige’s family, friends and community during this most difficult time.
Thank you




Paige Aiello, a resident of Hillsborough, was last seen at home after her father drove her home from classes TCNJ’s Ewing campus on April 9. A day later while police were searching for the student, her keys, cell phone and wallet were located by a passerby on the George Washington Bridge. Her car was found near Metropark station in New Brunswick.


According to, there is video footage of Aiello walking out of New York City's Penn Station heading toward the GW, but searches of the bridge and the surrounding area, including the Hudson River turned up nothing.

Paige Aiello was due to graduate TCNJ this spring.  A cause of death has has yet to be determined.

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