Smarter Than a 6th Grader?
Ok, so admittedly, I thought I would score much better in our recent 50 United States geography quiz. I probably scored an 80. Recently, our business manager's daughter Sanai, an Alder Avenue Middle School student came in for a visit. So, I thought I'd find out if I'm smarter than a 6th grader.
Local Student Goes Missing in Israel
New Jersey student Aharon Sofer had been hiking in the mountains of Jerusalem, but is now unaccounted for, sparking a search by Israeli police and concern for the safety of Americans in the war-torn nation.
Another Tragedy Befalls Vineland
14-year-old Jermire Lowery is the second Vineland High School student to die in a motor vehicle-related accident in less than two weeks.  The freshman was one of five teens in a car driven by a 17-year-old friend who lost control Monday.
Erial Elementary Mourning Loss of Student
Erial Elementary School 5th grader Samantha Ortanez-Nguyen was mowed down my a drunk driver yesterday while visiting the Italian Market in Philadelphia with family.  Now, classmates, faculty, and the small community of Erial, NJ are coping with the loss.
South Jersey Student Asks Taylor Swift To Prom [VIDEO]
Kevin McGuire of Stratford, New Jersey has battled and beaten leukemia once. Unfortunately, the cancer has returned. Thanks to family and friends a new plea to singer Taylor Swift to accompany McGuire to his prom at Sterling High School could make this teen's dream come true.