Some of these are actually not that bad. Others are, well, definitely for the hardcore fans.

I feel like as you get older you see more and more of your friends on social media post pregnancy announcements and things baby related like revealing the name of their newborn child. Seems like everyone is getting older except me. Here I am eating a whole pizza on the couch with grease sliding down my chest in my apartment wearing 'Star Wars' Yoda slippers (very comfy) playing Fortnite (oh god I wish I was lying) on a Tuesday, while all my friends get married and have kids. #LivingMyBestLife.


Anyway, a lot of couples now are trying to find the trendiest, most unique name for their child, because it's 2018. They want them to stand out and feel different, and a name like Joe or Kaityln now won't do it (personally it's the person that makes themselves stand out, not a name, in my opinion).

But if you want a unique name, AND love the great state of New Jersey, this list is for you. just recently came up with 24 baby names for couples for are just head over heels in live with NJ. Some of these names are great, some are unique, others are just hysterically funny. Here's just some of my favorites...


  • 1


    Avalon will the be the cutest of her friends.

    Zoonar RF/Thinkstock
  • 2


    He'll be musically talented and the girls will just swoon over little Asbury.

    Andriy Petrenko/Thinkstock
  • 3


    Creativity will be pouring out of baby Edison!

    Jaimie Duplass/Thinkstock
  • 4


    Obviously you will teach her to love food, specifically Taylor Ham...or is it Pork Roll????

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  • 5


    Also acceptable:

    Denny (or spelled 'ie'), Wendy, or Twentyregularcredit if you're really bold.

  • 6


    Mullica will be the talk of the town, literally!

  • 7


    Clean-cut and cute. Here's Clementon!

  • 8


    Go for the gold naming them after 'The Boss'!

    Also acceptable:


    Design Pics/Thinkstock
  • 9


    And he'll shine as bright as the lighthouse!

    Agnieszka Ciura/Thinkstock