Let's set the stage for you. You're a busy parent, your kids' schools don't have buses for your area, and your mornings get very hectic. What if there was a service that solved this issue? Enter in, ride sharing for kids. There are services out there that have drivers that will drive your kids to school for you.

There is an app for parents in certain areas of California and Colorado that provides parents with a ride to school for their kids. The service promises a safe ride to school with many safe guards. Created by moms, the website says, "HopSkipDrive is a ride service for kids designed to help you take some of the stress out of your family's busy schedule. It was created by three moms who understand the struggle of getting kids around town safely."

The creators understand that parents would have apprehensions with a service like HopSkipDrive, they don't want parents to feel like they are putting their kids in a car with a complete stranger. They have a 15-point safety certification including fingerprinting, background check, in-person driver orientation, among others.

The app mixes the idea of Care.com with Uber/Lyft. When you are paired up with your CareDriver you see their profile, photo, and car. When your child is picked up, parents have access to track the car the entire drive to school.

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