TV 40 News Was 'South Jersey's News Source'

"South Jersey's news source" was one of TV 40's slogans back in the 1990s, but NBC 40 News really was a good place to get local news.

The newscasts concentrated on local news and happenings. Unlike the Philadelphia TV stations, which usually only mention coastal South Jersey when there is a big story of regional or national interest, or, in the summer when folks want to know about the weather at the shore. TV 40 put our news first, and that's why people liked it.

The TV 40 On-Air People Were Local Celebrities

The on-air people on TV 40 became well-known in their local communities. You would see them on TV and then see them at the store, out in local restaurants, or at church. Their kids went to school with your kids. You could stop them and comment about something you saw on the news the day before, and lots of people did.

Almost a Decade After Going Off The Air, TV 40 is Still Well Remembered

Anyone who was old enough to watch TV 40 News before it went dark at the end of 2014 seems to remember the station fondly. It had that hometown appeal that people liked and it was a good way to keep up with the local news.

Here's a  Photo Gallery of The People Who Made TV 40 Special

I tried to compile a photo gallery of the on-air people you might remember from TV 40 News over the years. This was done by searching through old videos of newscasts and TV 40 retrospectives for images of some of the reporters, meteorologists, sports guys and news anchors who played a part in shaping TV 40 during their time at the station.

This gallery doesn't include everyone - TV 40 offered news programming for well over 30 years - but, we have many of the station's most memorable personalities.

Thanks to NBC10's Ted Greenberg, who started at TV 40 as a teenager and later returned to work as the station's new director, for his help in remembering some of the faces and what happened to those people after leaving TV 40.

I find it interesting that some of the reporters and anchors are still very successful in the TV news business.

Thanks also to Dan Skeldon for his help filling in some gaps and providing me with some names.

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