Finally! New Jersey is getting some LOVE! The Garden State just landed high on a list celebrating the most romantic states in America, and frankly, we're shocked. 

Wow, imagine that. There's a list where New Jersey is NOT getting ragged on! In fact, New Jersey loves love so much that we've just been ranked the 2nd most romantic state in the nation.

Inside my head I'm chanting, 'We're number 2! We're number 2!' When NJ's known for doing something RIGHT, it's what you do.

The online betting site got curious about what states searched the term 'Valentine's Day' the most over the last six years.

Chris Liverani/Thinkstock
Chris Liverani/Thinkstock

The site looked at Google Trends from 2017 to 2022 and narrowed down raw search data from 30 days before the holiday.

Based on how many times the words 'Valentine's Day' were searched by each state, the state was ranked between 1-100. The more 'Valentine's Day' searches, the higher the number, and the more romantic the state.
The data was then averaged, and when all was said and done, New Jersey was ranked at No. 2 with a score average of 91.
Now, I know the Virginia's slogan is 'Virginia is for Lovers', but it was WEST VIRGINIA that earned a score of 100 all the way across the board from 2017-2022, making it THE MOST ROMANTIC STATE for the last six years. Virginia, by the way, wasn't the least romantic state, but it was WAY down the list, so maybe WVA should steal their slogan, lol.
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The states surrounding Jersey ranked high, too, with Delaware and Pennsylvania inside the Top 5.
 The 5 Most Romantic States in America (according to
1. W. Virginia
2. New Jersey
3. Delaware
4. Pennsylvania
5. New York
The 5 Least Romantic States in America (according to
1. Oregon
2. Washington
3. Minnesota
4. Colorado
5. Wisconsin; GDC Group; GDC Group

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