I love going out to eat, but my favorite meal to enjoy outside of my own kitchen is Mexican food. Luckily for me, there's a place that recently opened up right in the heart of downtown Mays Landing that can give me just that without having to venture too far from home.

Mia's Café took over what was formerly the location of KB Pastry back in October of 2022 and has been met with pleasant reviews since the day they opened. I had the pleasure of trying their lunch and had nothing but great things to say about my meal. I currently live in Mays Landing, so I'm always excited when somewhere new opens their doors.

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While there, I was able to learn the story behind Mia's by chatting with the co-owner, Sonia Hernandez. She and her brother Angel were so excited to finally make their dream of opening up their own restaurant a reality in 2022 and had big plans for their newly-established eatery. She promised me that, before too long, they'd be serving up some delicious Mexican food in addition to their awesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It looks like that time has finally come. Mia's is officially THE PLACE to go in Mays Landing if you're in search of some great authentic Mexican.

If selection is what you're after, judging by their Facebook page, it looks like you'll have plenty to choose from. From the looks of it, they're adding new dishes by the day.

They also encourage you to pick up a Mexican hot chocolate if you're out and about in town and need a pick-me-up.

You can check them out on Facebook HERE.

Source: Facebook

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